Those in the know, say, that it is the little things that really make a difference when selling high-end luxury properties. These joints cost millions of dollars; and it can be the colour of the shirt or frock that you wear, which tips the scales your way on the day. Looking the goods and dressing for success is the first essential step. Who is going to buy a billion-dollar harbour view from a goat herder? Who is going to stump up serious cash for a mega-pad from someone dressed like a mannikin from K-mart? Do you speak Mandarin?

Essential Selling Secrets

Luxury property purchases are rewards and signifiers of success. Every link in the chain must shimmer and shine like silver and gold. From the humble bus boy to the estate agent, all must imbue style and savviness upon this journey and quest. If many penthouses paint a similar picture and vista, it is the little things that will stand out. It is an essential selling secret, that the salesperson must reflect the concerns and desires of the buyer. They must be a mirror for this big fish to gaze into; and what comes out of their mouth must be believable, hook, line and sinker.

Selling to Big Swinging Dicks

If you do not have a winning smile, get a great smile in short order. White teeth and the inane grin are de riguour in the twenty first century, especially for politicians and other salespeople.  Stand up straight and improve your posture, before it is too late. Do not slump in the presence of trumped up wealth and beauty. Selling to big swinging dicks is predicated upon your attractiveness and willingness to swallow a load in the course of your duty. Bending over backward is all part of the protocol, when achieving a big sale.

Steve Waugh Sells

Australia’s cricket captain of the glory years, Steve Waugh, is now selling luxury, high-end properties to cashed up Indian expats living in Australia. The real estate is in India and Waugh is partnering with prestigious developers to offer these investments in the suburbs of Indian cities. Success sells like nothing else, but sex. A cricketer who walked tall on and off the pitch can translate that run making ability into real estate fours and sixes, rupees and dollars. Steve Waugh is dressed in an aura of invincibility and success; and people want to buy into that.